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Randall spent the last 15 years being taught by several spiritual teachers and leaders.  He was a business manager for 2 NY Times bestselling self-help authors. Traveled throughout India and Eastern Europe, learning various meditation techniques and becoming a Tantra Teacher.  His most recent adventure was exploring and volunteering in Ukraine with the U.S. Peace Corps.  He is here to share all the journey and also share what he has yet to learn.


I met my life partner and wife, Kate , in 2019 while in the Peace Corps. Traveled 8 hours by train, almost every weekend to see and fall in love with her. He was evacuated in 2020 during covid where we were forced apart for 6 months.  As soon as He was able to return, He asked her to marry.. 


He confesses, It was not a “love at first sight'', especially for her. It is a wonderful, deep and long-lasting love that they cherish dearly. A genuine love. 

Now they share our journey with relationship advice and dating advice.


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With Love,

Randall Chapman

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