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14 Things Woman Do That Men Adore

There are things that girls do without thinking that can delight, intrigue and captivate men. Some of them are just cute quirks, and some are real "secret buttons" that turn men on. . Do you want to know what exactly brings men chills or genuine delight? Here's a list of the things men absolutely love:

  1. A soft, shy stare. This soft, slightly embarrassed look, long and so promising! If you don't look away, He reads this signal as very sexy. Yes, he just melts from this alluring look.

  2. Make the First Move. In general, men are expected to approach women. Guys always find themselves attracted to friendly women that have sufficient confidence in expressing interest. Go ahead, ladies, take the lead, make the first move. You'll date more attractive men.

  3. Undress Him Yes, Men not only love to undress you, they also love it when you, slowly, with passion and light touches, take off his clothes.. he will feel loved, desired and attracted to you.

  4. Dress Casually No, of course they love it when you dress up and look stunning and super sexy. But a girl in a hoodie and workout clothes is so cute that you just want to hug her and not let her go. Many Men say women are at their most attractive when they're a bit undone.

  5. Grab his Arm He loves that rush when they fold their girl into arms for security. This is the best feeling when a boy knows that his girl is comfortable and secure holding on to him.

  6. Back Massages. Of course, gentle female hands can effectively massage all tensions and problem areas, but this physical attention is always a way to show love and affection. Knowing how to massage away a day’s hardship will give most men an instant crush.

  7. A lively discussion on deep topics. Showing your intelligence with deep discussion on important topics is very attractive. Men really do love intelligence and women that can debate interesting subjects.

  8. Sweet sexy whispers in his ear. . Loving compliments or sexy things you may do to him later will make most men melt. Just lean in and share some sexy thoughts.

  9. Genuine Compliments. Not only when they have a difficult moment but also - spontaneous words of affirmation. He loves being reminded as often as possible what exactly you like about him.

  10. When you are playful and Funny . Men find it hot when a woman can switch from being mature to a relaxed and playful mood relatively easily. According to many guys, the most adorable act their girlfriends do is make them laugh. You don’t need to have comedy skills to make him laugh. Your sense of humour would do the trick.

  11. When you wear his shirts. Wearing a man's clothes is a cliche, but men love it. Its sexy and shows you appreciate him. It shows you are comfortable around him and he can be relaxed around you.

  12. When you are nice and welcoming to his friends. These are people who have likely been with him for a long time. They are close and important to him . Winning them over will have enormous benefits to your relationship.

  13. When you are kind to the service employees. Guys respect you more when you compliment and express your gratitude to the server or service employee. When you thank the taxi driver heartily for the ride. When you smile at the saleswoman and wish her a good day. .Your beauty, confidence, and kindness fills the world around you, and men want to be in this world filled with your amazing light.

  14. When you laugh freely and uninhibitedly. Someone throws their head back, someone wrinkles their nose in a funny way, or even sticks out the tip of their tongue. All this is very sexy, believe me. It's not for nothing that the French even came up with a proverb: if you can make a woman laugh, she is yours.

Here are some cute, funny, teasing, and inspiring gestures and actions that men love. Try a few, These are our favorites.


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