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9 Signs You Are in a Toxic Relationship

9 Signs You Are in a Toxic Relationship

There are clear signs that indicate that you are in a toxic relationship. In most cases, these signs are very noticeable that one should pay attention to. it is necessary to choose the right partner. A toxic relationship occurs when one or both people are prioritizing love over respect, trust, and affection. If you prioritize love over trust in the relationship, you'll tolerate lying and cheating. Love should not be the reason to stay in a relationship because it can cloud our judgment. Several behaviors of your partner may indicate that you are in an unhealthy and toxic relationship, such as:

9 Signs of a Toxic Relationship.

1. They Love to Control You:

If your partner loves to control you, then you can notice it in their behavior. sometimes they don't allow you to practice your hobbies or activities without their presence. You will notice that they control your actions and make decisions for you. they force you to cut ties with your friends or even with some members of your family. A controlling relationship will take away from you, your sense of freedom and self-sufficiency.

2. Jealousy:

Jealousy offends both partners in the relationship. When jealousy exceeds its natural limits, it becomes like a disease that spreads in your relationship and writes its end. If You notice that they are trying to isolate you from others so you can only spend time with them, or gathering information about your activities, including correspondence with other people, and keeping an eye on your outings and gatherings. Then, you must be alert! you are in a toxic relationship.

3. Show Disrespect:

If they talk to you in an inappropriate manner, try to disrespect you, and do not appreciate you. Then, this is the evidence that your relationship is becoming toxic, even if your partner cares about you, and even if love brings you together. Know that respect is one of the most important traits that strengthen the bond between any couple.

4. They Do Not Control Their Anger:

Your partner may not physically touch you to be aggressive, but their actions suggest otherwise. Aggressive gestures like smashing or throwing things, punching walls, etc. are a strong indication that your partner doesn't know how to control their anger. These anger issues can be devastating to your mental health.

5. Feeling Restricted in Your Speech and Behavior:

A Toxic relationship makes you feel like you're always tied down and that you can't be yourself. So, you're afraid of every word you might say. Whatever you plan to do, you always feel that you must consider their feelings and be very careful with your actions and words. This fear and instability is a sign that your relationship is not healthy, and therefore you should end it.

6. If You Feel That Everything revolves around them:

If you feel that you cannot choose anything no matter how simple. Such as which movie you will watch or where you will have dinner. every decision, opinion, goal, or any other matter, must revolve around them. and they will not take your opinion into account, because they desire that everything must go the way they want, then know that you are in a toxic relationship and you have to think for yourself.

7. They Never Appreciate You:

Small gestures of affection and tenderness governed by compliments and sweet words, especially in difficult situations, are the elixir of a successful relationship. So, if you feel like you're trying too hard to please your partner and can't find words of appreciation, you're running out of your energy unnecessarily.

8. They have a Desire to Change You:

Being away from your true personality, opinions, and desires to please them results in a lack of self-communication, a lack of self-awareness, and your true desires and opinions. A relationship that requires you to change yourself will destroy your relationship with yourself.

9. Constantly Criticize You:

There is no doubt that constructive criticism is important in improving the relationship, but continuous criticism in various situations will reflect on you and reduce your confidence in yourself. Harsh words can destroy any relationship.

If one partner refuses to work on the relationship, or repeatedly acts poorly, it's time to plan to leave. If your motivation for staying in the relationship is fear of or disinterest in being single, it may be time to give up the relationship, and it’s time to just move on! don't lose yourself!


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