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How to Satisfy a Woman || Relationship advice for men

  1. Set the tone- When there is time set the mood, a clean room, candles, music, food. If you are single, do it before you leave for the night.. Nothing can be a bigger mood killer than a messy house. Prepare.

  2. Communicate, Communicate Use a soft voice, get consent, let her talk, Ask open- ended questions. Talk about your passions, not your work or hobbies.

  3. Foreplay and how to master it. Start slow and end slow. You are not a rabbit and porn is a bad example. A woman needs to be opened up. If her mind is not open neither will he body be. Give to her body, Be in the moment. When you are kissing her , give to her lips. Be soft and gentle. Give to shoulders, Give to her breasts. Don't be like most men and grab and take from them. Softly massage the whole breast from the bottom to the top. let her guide you. Softly massage the outside of her body. Caress her thighs. The slower you go, the more you give to her body the better night you are going to have.

  4. Don't just be open to suggestions, encourage them No two women's bodies are alike. The pleasure zones are different for every woman. Let her guide you. Offer gentle and soft suggestions like, “is that nice” or “ where would you like to be touched or kissed”

  5. Let her be part of her process. Please leave your ego at the door Encourage her to join. Let her touch herself. Let her guide you, show you. She knows her body better than anyone.

  6. She goes first.. Get her to or close to her orgasm first. She needs to come first.

  7. Don't leave out the last chapter.. Post play is as important as foreplay. After sex, caress her more, massage her more. Kiss her more. Hug her. Give the women the slow thank you she deserves. She could have been with anyone and she chose you.

  8. If you are in a long term relationship, plan a night for her, just her pleasure and give to her with no reciprocation. She cums and you don't. This will light her up. Make it a routine.

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