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Laws of Karma That Will Change Your Life.

Karma is a Sanskrit word, derived from “Karman” which means action. It is found in some eastern religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism, but its characteristics differ according to its religious position, i.e., from one religion to another, but its basic concept is fixed.

Karma is related to cause and effort. It says that your every action will return to you in the future. Karma is not limited to your actions only but also includes your thoughts, intentions, and recommendations carried out by other people. Meaning that you'll reap the fruits of your labor.

The Twelve Laws of Karma:

These laws are closer to lessons, giving you advice and guidance to achieve a comfortable life:

1. The Great Law:

Also known as the law of cause and effect. this law of karma is just like the law of attraction. The great law says anything you want to get, give it to others because everything you give, will return to you someday.

2. The Law of Creation:

Also known as the law of striving and activity. to achieve your goal, you must strive diligently and actively to reach it. Waiting for things without seeking them will not change anything. Life will not happen by itself, but you must strive for it.

3. The Law of Humility:

Also known as the law of acceptance. You must accept everything in your life before thinking about changing it. Constant self-reflection plays a major role in making the most of the law of humility.

4. The Law of Growth:

this law says that you must first change yourself before changing others. You can control yourself only. You do not have control over anyone. So, develop yourself and let others develop themselves in what suits them.

5. The Law of Responsibility:

Also known as the law of reflection. Your life reflects what is inside you. You are the main source of everything that happens to you. You are responsible for it, whether it is good or bad. It has nothing to do with the external environment.

6. The Law of Connection:

Everything and every person are connected in some way. It refers to the need to control the present and the future to obliterate the bad features of the past. If you try to correct some mistakes from the past it will take time, so everything you do is important no matter how small.

7. The Law of Focus:

It says that it is hard to think of two different things at once. When you have multiple desires or goals, you should not place equal focus on all of them together, but rather focus on each goal separately and achieve it, then move on to the next goal.

8. The Law of Giving and Hospitality:

Your behavior must be proportional to your thoughts and actions. You must do what you say and think. Because Your beliefs and thoughts will one day manifest themselves to prove your commitment to them.

9. The Law of Here and Now:

It is all about being present. It means being attuned to what you are doing, seeing, tasting, smelling, and feeling. You will notice that the energy and experience is different, more engaging and rewarding. The law states that the present time is yours and must be dealt with by your complete attention.

10. The Law of Change:

This law says that history repeats itself so we can learn from it and change our ways. History will keep repeating its events until you learn what you need for a better future.

11. The Law of Patience and Reward:

It says that if you want to obtain a great and a higher reward, you must have to be patient. Great deeds and success require double patience and effort. If you expect quick results, then this will cause you disappointment and thus frustration.

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration:

It says that we all have value to give. Your unique gifts are meant to be shared with the world and will make a positive impact. Tap into this karmic law whenever you need a boost of motivation. Remember, you only get back what you put into something.

What you plant in your mind is what you get. It does not care what you plant, whether it's good or bad, worthwhile, or not, or if it's a specific goal or confusion, fear, stress, and so on. What you plant will be returned to you! Whatever you do you will get it back!


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