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The 5 Steps to Finding Your Soulmate

The 5 Step Guide to Finding Your Soulmate.

If you are hopelessly romantic, you may believe in one true soul mate, and nothing less will do. However, for most of us, finding your "perfect" partner is more of a case of finding a loving companion and just good timing. Waiting for “fireworks” is part of the prince and the white horse fairy-tale they taught you as a child. Fireworks are created by loving and compassionate couples, otherwise it's just a crush created by your ego's story. It's not real. The idea that only one person on this planet is good enough for you among the 7 billion here, the vast majority of whom you will never even have the chance to meet, is simply a fairy-tale. So here are is your guide

Follow this 5-step guide to finding your Soulmate

  1. Be Present Are you present enough in your life? Where do you find your joy? To find a suitable partner, you will need to be aware of the amazing people life is sending you right now. Be open to new friendships and hobby buddies. If you are closed off, you won't see or feel the connection when it shows up.

  2. Lose your List Do you have a list with a hundred points on it that must be checked off before you know that you've found "the one"? You may need to compromise a little. If you are busy waiting for the 100% guy or girl who, realistically, may never arrive, you are not open to the potential love being sent your way right now. Some qualities you seek are unrealistic. And some may be attainable, but if you are the one in the wrong place and your soul mate needs to be changing the world to find you, you are far more likely to meet them working for the Red Cross than if working for a company in a quiet town. No one is suggesting you settle, but be sure to reflect on your list - is it realistic? Can it be reduced or even tossed aside? Remember that sometimes the person you think is the perfect partner for you may not feel the same way about you.

  3. Do the Work There is work to be done. As hard as it is to hear, you are not perfect. No one is. If you hope to meet the ideal person for you, you need to be ready. If you want to be in a healthy relationship, you will need to be sure that you are working on being a healthy person.. Ultimately, you are liable to attract someone who is at your level of health. Meditate, find some workshops or join a group. You will need to be doing some work on yourself in order to find a healthy partner.

  4. Get Out of the House Unless your soulmate is in pizza delivery, then you will need to go out and socialize, talk to people. By doing so, you stand a greater chance of meeting like-minded people and possibly your next love. If you love nature, go out into the wilderness, find related clubs, talk to people in grocery stores. If you love learning, consider a class or study groups. You won't be able to find a partner if you don't leave the house.

  5. Be Kind Finally, be kind. In life, you are going to get back much of what you give. While seeking out kind, honest people to be around, give out kindness and honesty to everyone you encounter. Try to set aside judgmental attitudes; they honestly don't help you live your life. Be proactive in being a kind observer - spend more time watching and learning and less time judging.

In summary, be present and aware. Try to reflect on your list, even throw it away if it is not benefiting you. Remember to work on your own faults and try not to judge others for theirs. Be kind to the people you meet and Karma will be on your side. Soon you will find love.


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