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The 5 Things a Woman Needs to Feel Safe in a Relationship.

Making a woman feel safe improves the chance of her being with you.

In general, a woman wants to feel safe before committing to intimacy with a new partner. We don’t just mean safe from physical harm, but also in terms of her mental health and security.

This shouldn’t be a surprise despite all the negative news surrounding men, telling you that men only want one thing. For most men, that is not the whole truth.

Women frequently express that they need to know that it is safe to reveal that more intimate side of themselves. Emotional safety is a high priority, with so much pressure on women regarding how they look and act. It lets them know that they can let down their guard and be themselves within the confines of the relationship.

When you realize that your partner wants you to provide that security, relationships become much easier, and you stand a good chance of enhancing your relationship and having an amazing partnership.

Here are the top 5 ways that women want to feel safe.

  1. Emotional Safety.

Emotional safety refers to an emotional state that is achieved when partners can relax internally with a person. Guards can be let down, allowing your partner to show their true self. This, as with all our other points below, is a two-way street. Each partner should feel emotionally secure enough to be themselves and share their hopes, dreams, and fears. Ask yourself, do you healthily channel your emotions? Do you have healthy and calm conflict resolution skills?

2. Free to be Herself without Judgment.

When entering a relationship, she will assess whether there is scope to be herself without judgment. She needs to feel safe enough to share her hopes and dreams and actively pursue them. Are you both able to co-mingle your goals into something that will satisfy you both? If either partner feels stifled in the relationship, this can lead to anxiety and hostility. She wants to share her secrets and be vulnerable with you, but she needs to know she is safe sharing that information. Safe from judgment and safe from exposure.

3. Financial Security.

Before anyone gets defensive, we are not saying that financial security is about assessing how much money a man has for bling. However, statics prove that women frequently suffer from financial insecurity. She needs to know that she and the children will have a warm home, food on the table, and ways to nourish her soul. She needs to feel safe from someone who might abuse her or their own finances. She does not need a Mercedes in the garage to feel safe but she needs to be safe from worrying about the basics in life.

4. Safe from Dishonesty.

This should be a simple decision, but we’ve repeatedly seen that a man will lie or exaggerate to hide his addictions or other relationships. . This develops into long-term trust issues. This does not mean that you don't have a right to privacy. And of course, the past should stay the past unless it affects the current relationship. She needs to know a night with the boys is truly a night with the boys.

5. Safe from your addictions

Men can often be addicted to their work, friends, porn, gambling, or even video games. These things take you away from the woman you’ve invited into your life. Imagine agreeing to be in a relationship with someone, only for them to spend 12 hours a day at work willingly, or all evening with their back turned towards her, playing computer games. While there is often the time for small amounts of these activities, it should not come at the cost of your time together as a couple. She needs to know she has a healthy partner than can balance their soul-nourishing pursuits with nourishing their relationship.

If you can help a woman feel safe with you, then you will open her up to an amazing, passionate, and sexually charged relationship.


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