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The Top 10 Traits of Healthy Relationships

Timeless love stories are full of important personalities who never forget to remind their partner how much they mean to them. This blog will give you the best relationship advice on how to have a long term healthy relationship. Here are the traits.

1. Compliments Their Partner

In a healthy relationship, a good partner says positive things to their partner every day. This means complimenting them, making them feel like the most important person in the world, and reminding them how much they mean to you and why you love them.

2. Encourages Their Partners Soul Nourishment

Encouragement is nourishment to the soul. In a healthy relationship, you step up to the plate when it comes to your partner's hobbies, passions, or friendships. To strengthen the foundations of a relationship, encourage your partner to nourish their soul. In a healthy relationship, an excellent partner encourages their partner's passions and creates a safe space to pursue their dreams.

3. Practices Healthy Communication

Learning how to reach across the table and connect with your partner is essential in building a satisfying and meaningful relationship. They use the word "I," not "You," and can resolve conflicts well. Before we can be in a healthy place with our partners, we must know how to communicate in a way that affirms our own self-worth and does not diminish the value of the other person's feelings.

4. Does Not Criticize or Complain

In a healthy relationship, there is no need to criticize your partner. It's never productive. They are not your employee or your child. You are equal partners. Good romantic partners know how to focus on their partners' positive aspects rather than dwelling on shortcomings. If you want a particular behavior to change, ask for it or negotiate for the change. It won't change through complaints. 5. Individually Seek Personal Growth

A healthy partner consistently seeks out ways to expand their own mental and physical health. They respect that growth happens outside of a relationship and inside. They support each other in ways to grow individually.

6. Good at Pleasuring Their Partner

The best lovers put their partner's pleasure before their own. They take delight in sharing the adventure. They give and give and never stop giving. As a skilled lover, they stay in tune with their lover's body. They seek to have a mutually satisfying experience, otherwise you are using their body for your pleasure. That needs to be the exception rather than the rule.

7. Understands Their Partner’s Love Language

A good romantic partner learns and uses your love language every day. If the love language is gifts, they bring small gifts regularly. So if your partner's love language is words of appreciation, leave small loving notes around the house. Communicating this way helps your partner wake up every day and have someone by your side that loves and understands. Be a person who thoroughly knows how to motivate and inspire your partner and is there for the fun times and the rough times — someone who values you as a partner and friend.

8. Gives Their Partner Alone Time

Every person in the relationship needs time to be alone .A time where you let your partner recharge and prepare for personal growth. Each partner in a relationship should give their partner their time to retreat from the world – a moment to breathe and rest. That moment of solitude that we all require to keep our mind quiet and our soul recharged.

9. Makes Time for the Relationship

A good romantic partner is not only in love with you, but in love with the idea of making the relationship work. The relationship is like a savings account: if you deposit money, you'll be able to withdraw it when you need to. A healthy partner will always make their relationship a priority but equally balanced with self care.

10. Is Honest

Honesty is a cornerstone of any relationship, but honesty should not sacrifice privacy. In most circumstances, the past should stay the past. Let history stay that way. Being honest about where you go and what you do. is important in healthy couples, but a healthy partner leaves room for the partner to be honest and takes responsibility for their own jealousy. Honesty only works in a non-controlling environment. So be honest and allow your partner to share in a safe environment .

None of these traits come naturally. They take love, commitment and time. When practiced consistently they ensure a long and loving relationship.


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